Brokeback Mountain is not an outwardly gay rights movie, but about the misery of having to live in secret and denying one’s true self. Instead of taking an activist perspective, it went through the struggles of real people and shows how lying to oneself doesn’t make things better, it destroys lives.

What could inspire more honest activism then a message like that?


You can watch the rest of the movie here:


SOLDIER’S GIRL (Trans Movie)

Soldiers girl is a love story between an American Soldier and a Transexual Singer.The epic love story between these 2 souls ends in tragedy when the Soldier is killed brutally by one of his colleagues as the Army environment is extremely homophobic.
Get the complete movie here:


 Saving Private Ryan

Even though this movie nowhere qualifies as a Gay Movie,still it remains one of my all time favourites.


Get the complete movie here:


Drifting Flowers  (Lesbian movie)


Teddy Award-winning Director Zero Chou (Spider Lilies) weaves three poetic tales as the lesbians in Drifting Flowers seek their true identity. In the first story, Jing, a blind singer, falls in love with her band’s tomboy accordionist Diego. In another time and place, Lily, an elderly lesbian and Yen, her gay friend, create an unexpected bond and support each other in a time of crisis. Finally, we see Diego before she joined the band, when as a teenager she came to grips with her gender identity.

Get the entire movie here with English sub_titles


 Fire  (Lesbian Movie)

Fire is the first Indian film to explicitly show homosexual relations, and after its release many right-wing Hindu groups violently protested against homosexuality. In the film, two daughters-in-law who were forced to marry into the family on an arranged marriage become lovers. The women go through some hardships, but end up together. Although many critics loved the film calling it “explosive” and “pathbreaking,” many were outraged by the explicit lesbian relationship shown in the film.

You can read a brief synopsis of the movie and get the entire movie here



One response to “Movies

  1. Monique

    Nous apprécions grandement le travail fantastique que Sébastien Rist et Aude Leroux réussissent à réaliser et à nous faire connaître. Sujet tellement intéressant et présenter de si belle façon.
    Toutes nos félicitations!

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