Shawprovo HELPLINE (+88) 01678707516

Shawprovo – the Shamopremee (Women in love with Women), the Women’s group in Bangladesh has recently launched their HELPLINE number for Shamopremee, Lesbian, Bisexual Women in Distress/Need.

Sakhiyani: The  Online Yahoo group for Bangladeshi Lesbians
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189 responses to “Lesbians

  1. Aurora

    Why is it so silent up here? As if there are no lesbians in Bangladesh!!! Where are you sisters?
    Come on. Show up. Do not hide inside the closet any more. Do not remain domesticated. Awake!

  2. purple

    r u seriousely a lesbian.plz help me i need someone to talk to.

  3. I am a lesbian purple!

    email me if you need to talk.

  4. soni


    I am a lesbian would like to meet with lesbian at Dhaka. Please write me with cell number by nil_osru@yahoo.com

  5. soni

    Hi if you a lesbian write me by nil_osru@yahoo.com

  6. anika bushra

    emm hey im a lesbian and im in need of a girl…who can love me nd not only fuck me. thanx.

  7. anika bushra

    my id is

    mail me ppl! and specially gurls! mwah

  8. kabir

    i really want a lesbian girlfriend i am a good looking male.i dont have any prob if she continues with her lesbian partner. cell 01674905511

  9. ria

    hey girls…..i am also looking for a female frnd with whom i can share my fantasies…..initially i dnt want any sort of contact like talking over phone….initially i want it to keep upto chatting…if any1 is interested plz mail me at rahmanria@ymail.com

  10. anika bushra

    hey everyone. anika here. im kind of having some hard time here. ive seen dis website nd i really like it. i mean someone has da balls to speak up about dis gay right thing in bangladesh. dat’s pretty gud. just keep up wid dis work.

  11. preeti

    hey i m preeti frm india.i m frm uttar pradesh.m luking 4 a gf who cn understand me.i cn giv d surity dat i’ll giv all lv to my partner.i’ll nt break her trust at any cost.jst trust me.if anyone interested in me mail me on Prittygirl_2007@rediffmail.com

  12. This Statue Talks

    Hey, how come I cannot reply to the posts made here? I even tried to join the Yahoo group, but my request was turned down. Anyone here the moderator of the group? If anyone knows something plz gimme a reply. Thanx.

  13. Anika Shahriar

    Hey how are you ladies?um from Dhaka n i am very much into girls.if any of you wanna b a good friend of mine then pls add me up spongebob_lova@yahoo.com.tc girls

  14. Anika Shahriar

    hey girls hows everythng?if yal wanna b frnds add me up spongebob_lova@yahoo.com

  15. prema

    hello every1, prema here. how are you friends? i have seen this website today and i really like it. every one have right to rule his/her life own way. if you attract with your similar gender don’t need to worry yaar. u r not alone. some people are really very scared to tell. you cant change ur feelings. so share your feelings with us.make friends. but dont mess up ur relation to others like if someone really dont like this type of relationship.pls dont argue with them coz you cant win. keep in touch.bye friends

  16. Nusrat

    Am a 28 year old Bangladeshi lesbian from UK. Can anyone tell me about the gay rights in Bangladesh? How lesbians are treated? What is there for lesbians in Dhaka? What are the possible threats? Please write to me about your problem-family pressure, relatives, forced marriage, religion, abuse, and the other ongoing issues. I need information as am doing a research on lesbian Bangladeshi women.

    Please feel free to email me on rnusrat_24@hotmail.com
    I would really appreciate your story.
    Many thanks xx

  17. Sony


    I am lesbian, living at Dhaka looking for partner to love and fun. any body lesbian or bio can mail me with details by nil_osru@yahoo.com

  18. Priyo

    I am a gay. I wanna share my feelings to a lesbian. If someone wanna reciprocate plz mail me. Have good dayz.

  19. uk asian babe

    i am a bangladeshi girl from the uk i have male partner but we want a female frend who when we goto bangladesh we can meet up with and have fun like 3somes if any one interested email me i prefer ppl from sylhet az i am from there and not dhaka or if when we do visit bangladesh and you are from dhaka but are willing to travel to sylhet then mail me at………………. anne_begum@msn.com

    first we will talk over fone and get to know each other and then meet hopefully….xxx all you bisexual girls that want to have fun with a bengali male and female at the same time write bak…xxx

  20. Hi…i m a lesbian girl. and also wait 4 a lesbian gf. if any lesbian girl write me i’ll b very happy.dis is my mail id= jenifa.islam@yahoo.com
    nil_osru i lyk u bt i cnt cntk with u so plz send me 1 mail.

    • anika bushra

      hey jenifa. anika here. im from dhaka and i thought we could get to know each other. if you’re interested then hit me up on hotmail. u have my id here so feel free to mail anytime and if u got facebook add me up— ‘anika chokotheefh’. bye
      ps-u seem very interesting.

    • JusticeMakers Bangladesh Trust

      I am working for upholding right of lesbian, gay, bio sexual and transgender in Bangladesh. To establish LGBT right in Bangladesh, there is no alternative to know story about bangladeshi lesbian, gay, bio sexual and transgender people. who are lesbian and bio sexual are requested to communicate with me. Secrecy will be maintain strictly. bihr.bd@gmail.com

  21. uk asian babe

    please mail the above email address if interested….

  22. Sarah

    Hi, my name is Sarah.
    I am a 29 year old lesbian from Australia and might be moving to Dhaka. I am hoping to meet other women in Dhaka. In Australia, gay/lesbian/queer people are able to be quite open about their sexuality and orientation, from what I read it is very difficult in Dhaka. Is there places women can go to meet other women (for friendship)?

    • This Statue Talks

      Hey Sarah, how have you been?

      In reply to your post, there are unfortunately no such places here. The best you can do is contact other lesbians online, that too you have to do pretty carefully because of creepy stupid guys who pretend to be girls. If you want to talk more, pls mail me or add me at blisstered@rocketmail.com. Looking forward to hear from you 🙂

    • Animekhe

      Dear Sarah,
      “This statue talks” is right. Beware of creepy guys and false leads. Be careful with your orientation before you share it with someone. Dhaka is a warm, friendly city but there are a couple of dangers, for example, muggers after dark, and prejudiced against same-sex orientations among other few. Beware of your backdoors before trusting people with your lifestyle. There is however a lesbian group called shawprovo and you can call their helpline and there is a woman who runs a lesbian group in dhaka. that is about it. I hope this is helpful. Animekhe. animekhe@yahoo.com

    • Hey dere sarah, im in my mid 20s, liv in dhk, like d usual hangin out wid frends, long drives, shooting pool, goin to d movies,dinner etc. . If u wana get in touch u cud drop me an email on sinnnocence@gmail.com. Bear in mind ,dere r 3ns in d id lol . . Tc x

    • JusticeMakers Bangladesh Trust

      hi Sara
      I am working for upholding right of lesbian, gay, bio sexual and transgender in Bangladesh. you equested to communicate with me. Secrecy will be maintain strictly. bihr.bd@gmail.com

    • PinkMist

      hey everyone,
      im a canadian born bengali, been here since june 2011 and no fun.
      hit me up if u girls want to get together at pink_mist90@hotmail.co.uk
      i believe karma owe’s me break. lol

    • nila

      nice my mob num 01923224923 am nila

    • dipita

      Hi Sara,HI, dont know you will see my post so lately or not, I am living in Australia too.I have notices this web site not long age and been impressed. However, if you are in Australia and if your want very nice and caring mate then you can mail me. I am a self dependent Bengali living here permanently.If you think of taking the extra edge of life pls free to email me anytime. ndipita_81@yahoo.com.Thanks

  23. S

    What’s with the men pretending to be lesbians?

  24. Ariel the Mermaid

    I would really like to get to know some bisexual/lesbian girls. I’m looking forward to dating a girl. If anyone’s interested, plz reply here. Thank you.

  25. Sonia

    Hi, I’m Sonia, a voluptious lesbian at dhaka and i have an empty flat. I’m looking for a lesbian partner, email me at seabluelagoon@yahoo.com

  26. lol..i m lesbian..n i luv 2 make loser boyz lick my high heel shoes..they lick my bottom sole dirt too with their tongue..while i do things with my girlfrendz..!!lol..girls rocks

  27. S

    Gay in Bangladesh? Ha!. Must be a joke.

  28. Anika

    Love is love dosnt matter wetha ur gay lesbian or straight.time has come for our so called warm society to suck it all up n accept da fact dat ppl from da same gender love each otha as much as straight ppl do.some ppl r born gay.its not an option u choose.n dat is perfectly okay.im 60 percnt outta da closet.n goin wid da flow.its all good ladies.no stress.tc.

  29. zaira

    hi….this is zaira….i am 22yrs old.i am a lesbian from dhaka bangladesh….looking for a loving partner……….so girls hit me at my id..if ur interested……zairatarik@yahoo.com……..

  30. hi….this is zaira….i am 22yrs old.i am a lesbian from dhaka bangladesh….looking for a loving partner……….so girls hit me at my id..if ur interested. zairatarik@yahoo.com……..

  31. Bluewater

    Hey frds,i m rumana frm dhaka,i m lesbian and need lesbian partner,i feel very lonely,if u need any lesbian partner plz contact me girls.

  32. Maliha

    Hello, I’m maliha from dhaka bangladesh. I’m very much interested in girls. But here in our society its not exceptable. And I’m 4m a very conservative muslim family. So I never can express me….. Coz my mom will kill me. But how can I stop my heart inside? And for my such attention I never felt for any boy. Im passing my days lonely… So lonely. And i want a real gf for long time relation. I believe in trust,share n respect. If any one here interested pls mail me


    • Anika

      I am from Dhaka. I am a 28 years old crossdresesr boy who like to wear female dress specially tops/mini skirt and like decent making friendship.

      I am looking to hear from CD/girls/lesbian members. anikajasmin@yahoo.com or facebook.com/anika.jasmin.9

  33. saheli roy

    hi, i am saheli from india, already i have a partner .lesbians not only means of physical relationship, there is something deep relation between two human. dont describe lesbian as a naked way it is hurting me. if u want to mail me then mail at saheliroy@hotmail.com .

  34. SPVN

    Dear All,
    First of all I would like to address those straight men who fantasize of having a lesbian girlfriend “You Douchebag get a hobby “. Lesbian does not give a fuck about you straight dickhead.

    Secondly I would like to inform everyone here that in Bangladesh a large population of lesbian and bisexual exist however sadly they follow “Don’t ask Don’t Tell Policy”. It is a sad reality for this country where LGBT legally do not exist on the map of Bangladesh as stated by one of the minister in parliament that “there is no homosexual in Bangladesh”.

    Lastly, I would like warn LGBT people residing in Bangladesh to becareful of flaunting your sexuality openly as you may become targets of persecution and discrimination at different level and a can legally prosecuted for 10 years in prison if found guilty of homosexual activity.

    I would like to request LGBT community of Bangladesh to bring in the changes in legislation of the country to protect lgbt people from unfair treatment and persecution.

    A proud lesbian!!!!!

  35. purple

    hello everyone,
    i like to have friendship any genuine lesbians out there

  36. Tuli

    is anyone here still now?

  37. Dear friends,

    Greetings from Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD), the Hague, Netherlands and JusticeMakers Bangladesh Trust, Dhaka

    GHRD is going to initiate a four year project on establishment of LGBT
    rights in Bangladesh with the support of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are interested to make collaboration with this group to implement our project.

    To establish the formal collaboration, I am looking for an appointment
    with concerned one by this weak for further discussion. So, you are requested to sent your mobile number or email address, so that I can contact for make an appointment.

    I am looking forward to hear from you at your earliest convenience

    Warm regards



    Adv. Shahanur Islam (Saikot )
    LL.B (Hon’s); LL.M (Law & Justice)
    JusticeMakers Fellow ’10, Switzerland
    saikotbihr@gmail.com, Cell: 017 20308080
    http://www.shahanur.blogspot.com, Skype:saikot.bihr

    Country Observer- Bangladesh
    Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD)
    The Hague, Netherlands

  38. Caesar

    Hello everyone,
    My assigned gender is that of a woman. But I always identify myself as a man ( except in papers). I had been under HRS (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for a long while. Im a transgender (not HIJRA) and determined to go for sex reassignment surgery but there r extreme barriers in this country as we all know. Im very personal in this matter because people who does not know about me (most of them dont), treat me like a man. I have few friends, but more than that, I have no one to understand or support me and be with me. Ive endured brutality beyond imagination only for the reason that my sexual feelings, activities, nature and appearance of a man. I have the courage to fight and go on as a man, but Ladies, I need a woman to hold my hand. I have a place in the society but Im absolutely discrete about my sexual identity. I had plenty of affairs with women of certain age but I was seriously involved for 7 years with a beautiful girl and I fought in vein for her against everything because she was the only one who ever loved me but she left me when I needed her most to have REAL MEN WITH REAL DICKS. Please excuse my language. If anyone would like to contact, you can send me a mail me at this_is_parvez@yahoo.com. Let me know what you think. I hope your remarks will be sincere and honorable. Thank You everyone.

  39. hey i m lesbian…i want to b a good lesbian partners ….if any ppl r intersted then add me on fb my id is Eshita Kathrin Dhk les

  40. I m lesbian….form dhaka…want a gf…..only not for sex ,…i want a love…
    lesbian.dhk@live.com my mail id……if anyone intrstd me…plx mail me…..thanks…:)

  41. Bee

    Nice 2 c such initiative. Waiting more to join in.

    If anyone has open mind – do contact

  42. mukta

    hi, i’m bengali lesbian living in new york,usa and want to meet with other lesbians. plz contact me at muksin1234@live.com

  43. Carol

    Hi there
    I m a 22 lesbian girl from UK.If any of you want to chat with me,please email me or yahoo messenger.

  44. sammy

    plzz cute and sexy girls mail me karika_7@hotmail.com um from dhaka n i need lesbian hawtt frndz …

  45. purrcat

    im a bi, lookin’ for a girlfriend
    hit me up

    im 19.

  46. nupur

    01681351798 is my number.i m a girl.my name is marzia.i need a lesbian partner.pls knock me

  47. I need lisbian i jux frm pakistan if thea iz sm 0ne then cntct me hea ahsankhan.aisi@yahoo.com‘on facebook

  48. Orni

    Hey girls,um bisexual..need a gf..plz reply if nyone interested..

  49. daliya

    Hy,its daliya…
    ofcourse lesbian…
    want a partner…

  50. sabah

    hi im 18 and i wanna have a girlfriend. hit me up and we can chat.

  51. Hi, I just found this website. I am a 28 year old transgender individual; (not transvestite-hizra). I am on testosterone hormones for a long while and hope to have my top surgery done from “female to male”. Its a unbearably tough life for me and lonely too. I wish an understanding, lovely and caring woman would stand beside me for encouragement. People do not understand the difference between GENDER and SEXUALITY. I will appreciate if any woman should come forward to share their opinion – men too if they are gay or transgender. I live in Dhaka and it would be a relief to meet an understanding sweet and caring girl. Having a horrible time, friends: cross your fingers for me. All the best to all.

  52. Ivana

    Hey,I’m 17.I never did x with lesbians.Before becoming a lesbo,I want to need a lesbian friend…
    Can u give it to me??? Plz…

  53. Contact me for your lesbian services all over the country.08103101306..

  54. Angel

    Hello I am Angel ..I am bio..But I wanna have fun with a hot and sexy girl..
    If any1 is interested than email me on

  55. megh

    hello ..meghneel here …i m 25 girl and i m lesbian…looking for a sweet gf …wid whm i can share my fellings …….i want a longtrm reltion wid love ….u can mail me ..id is meghneel10@yahoo.com …plz mail me …i m waiting .

  56. Shah

    Hello lesbian friends, I’m a bisexual (more to the gay side) guy from Bangladesh living in Europe. I am highly educated and 34 years old and working for one of the biggest multinational companies in the world. So why am I here? I want to help out any (lesbian) girl who wants to get out of the problems faced by lesbians in Bangladesh an have a marriage of convinience (MoC) with me. This will relieve me of problems I am facing with my family and you too probably . If you want we can have a kid together and also have a family with me, but this I leave this to you. I am cultured, educated and a nice person to be with, but unfortunately we just don’t match sexually. But you are free to meet all the nice girls here at your own convinience. Once you get your citizenship here, you can leave me and I will help you establish here as an independent lesbian with all your freedom. I will never force any kind thing on you. If you want to get to know me or simply get out, please write to testingnl@hotmail.com

  57. NAdia

    im nadia 25 years old, im a lesbian, girl pmz mail me, im waiting………

  58. Hey

    seems like this thread is inactive. anyone out here?

  59. lucky

    Hi…..Um lucky.
    I newly joined in this group.Actually i totally fed up with my husband.previous i had a relation with my classmate tamanna.but she is now not interested with me.so i want to build up a relation with another girl.

  60. weird girl

    i m looking 4 a decent,loving,romantic nd an honest gf….
    she should be a person of refined taste…….and as i m a tomboy type girl……..i expect a soft girlish/feminine girl.
    now,i m 19yrs old.nd my gf may be 18-25yrs old.

    ……..i m very much emotional,artistic nd creative.i love creative writing,music,poetry…..etc.
    plz,nobody knock me to time pass or get a dirty relation.i m serious to get my dream girl as soulmate.

    e-mail add: nirbasito777@gmail.com

    • Anika

      I am from Dhaka. I am a 28 years old crossdresesr boy who like to wear female dress specially tops/mini skirt and like decent making friendship.

      I am looking to hear from CD/girls/lesbian members. anikajasmin@yahoo.com or facebook.com/anika.jasmin.9

    • Nazifa

      I also dnt like darty relation. I hv need a gud frnd, lover.who ll luv me n spend time wid me. I want 2 share my feelings wid her.I am vry alone. If u r really interestd thn plz reply me fast.then we ll contact

  61. Hi,

    please read two article on LGBT Right, one published on BanglaNews24.
    Com and both on BDLawNews.Com

    যৌন প্রবৃত্তিগত (সমকামী) সংখ্যালঘুর অধিকার অধিকার প্রতিষ্ঠায় অবিলম্বে
    বৈষম্যমূলক আইন সংশোধন করা প্রয়োজন! :

    যৌন প্রবৃত্তিগত (সমকামী) সংখ্যালঘুর অধিকার প্রতিষ্ঠায় ইয়োগিয়াকার্টা

  62. Hi,
    i am 18 years old lesbian. I like make friend with whom i could be myself .

  63. dipita

    hi i m form Australia looking for a lb initially for talking and getting to know each other. pls mal

  64. I am Riya frm Ctg. I need a real les frnd.. So girls add me..

  65. যৌন প্রবৃত্তিগত সংখ্যালঘু (সমকামী) ব্যক্তির প্রতি বৈষম্য বন্ধ কর http://shahanur.blogspot.com/2013/03/blog-post_11.html

  66. দণ্ডবিধির ৩৭৭ ধারা: যৌন প্রবৃত্তিগত (সমকামী) সংখ্যালঘুর মৌলিক মানবাধিকারের পরিপন্থী http://shahanur.blogspot.com/2013/03/blog-post.html

  67. arora

    hey, I’m a lesbian girl from Dhaka.I’m 22 and looking for a girlfriend for long term relationship.as I’m butch type,i want someone femme type…I’m loyal to relationship and like honest people.if anyone interested then e-mail me at: autriarora@gmail.com

  68. এই সমগামিতা নিয়ে http://tourismnewsbd.com এ একটি চরম তথ্য প্রকাশিত হয়, যা দেখে সত্যি হতবাক হয়েছিলাম।

  69. sweet

    hi, is there any lesbian girl not more than 24years old looking for Marriage of convenience with gay guy ? if any one interested then reply me to this email sweet.chy99@gmail.com

  70. blue

    I thought I would never find something to express myself up.

    23, tomboyish, student and a creative writer by profession. I have heard a lot of offensive comments about my masculine behavior. I had a girlfriend in school, but as its very common, she got along with a guy. Had another one in college, she left me because she realized its against the religion. I loved them like crazy but now I don’t think I will be able to bear another heart break, those two tore my life apart. specially the first one, i mean, its the first love, and you can never get over it.

    what hurts me most is that these “straight” girls fall in love with you, be with you, share as much as you share, but then they act like you are the one to blame and as if you have molested them ! its so easy for them to move on and be in a relationship with a guy, but its us, the tops, who fight and struggle every day to fit into the society..

    tried bonding with guys but couldn’t. hanging out is okay, but when they start to get intimate I feel disgust inside me, I cant help it.

    My mother wants me to settle down and get married, have kids, how do i tell her that I can never play the mother of the house, its not anywhere inside me.

    sometimes i just want to run.. run until my legs bleed. I am terrible as a single person, I have always been good in sharing and loving and caring, but I cant find my love because THEY wont approve.


  71. Hallo Lesbians | LGBTI Bangladesh – I like it

  72. noori

    Lesbian and bi woman are welcome here to subscibe

  73. The very first space for the women of LGBT community in Dhaka is being created. We are holding a get-together for you girls(only) on 11th October in Dhanmondi. If you are interested to join the hangout please contact me on Facebook.
    Anika Chokotheefh or beat.zone@hotmail.com
    Or you can mail me in my email address – aniqa.felangie@yahoo.com

    Please contact personally through phone if you want to know the venue since we don’t want any fake account showing up there. Supporters (only female) can also join 🙂

    Thank you. Peace, ladies 🙂

  74. At first I say I am Hubard.i am am a Handsome,Smart,Educated & also lebaral minded.really I am so lonely.i stay in Baily road Dhaka .i am still study at NSU.I again say I so lonely.so I need I need a girl friend/partner/ House wife who share me every thing to me & also believe me & reliable me.But she must have well educated.Remember one thing there is no function Money or like that.so if any body believe please contact me 01915247921.I will waiting for your response.Take care..Best of luck.

  75. I’m sorry to someone….who sent me an email some months ago…..It was filled up with her feelings and emotions….But,I couldn’t reply her in time…..

    I’m really sorry Blue 😦 ….


    (weird girl)

  76. achol

    m achol m lesbo wna gf plz rpl …… My my m fb rayma sultana

  77. nila

    i am lesbian and my skype id is rudrani.mukharji pls call me on skype.
    (girls only)

  78. Monica

    Good to see so many women speaking up finally, I have decided to come out and live openly as lesbian. Hope u all have the courage to do so and live the life u want!

  79. Monica

    My email add: qadermonica@gmail.com, email me or leave ur no. N I’ll get back to u

  80. Nasim

    I am seeking any usa or european immigrant lesbian women as my activity partner. Join with me hurry any girl. Mail me (nasim6021@gmail.com)

  81. Nazifa

    Hi I am Nazifa frm bangladesh. I am very alone.need a gud lesbian friend or lover. No dirty relation. I want 2 share my feelings wid her.Anybdy here?? Plz reply me fast.then we ll contact

  82. Nazifa

    Hi I m Nazifa frm Bangladesh. I m vry alone.if any lesbian girl interstd thn plz reply me fast.

  83. Mohima

    I m vry alone girl frm Bangladesh. Need a lesbian lover. I want a gud relation 4 spndng my time wid her. Only gud girl contct wid me. my email mstrsmind@gmail.com

  84. hi i m 21 yr girl. frm bd. I m vry alone. If anybdy intrstd 2 b my real gf plz reply me. My email mstrsmind@gmail.com

  85. Deadly girl

    I need a friend..can any les girl contact with me plz?

  86. Farya


  87. Farya

    Hlw…….. un 22 yrs old nd live in Dhaka

  88. What is Love……..?
    Emotional attachment + Physical attraction=LOvE
    Attachment – attraction= Separation ….
    ta ta Bye bye B| :/

  89. sam

    Hi i’m sam. I’m attracted to women & never come out. So i have never been in any relationship. I’m kind of obsessed with lesbian tv show characters such as ‘root & shaw’ from ‘person of interest’. I always love a good love story which i never have.

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