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18 responses to “Contact

  1. Best wishes forLGBT Bangldesh

  2. purple

    hello,i need someone who is seriouse about being lesbian.i want some sugesstions,plz contact.

    • Mou Rahman

      i want to work for you guys
      i have tried contacting u in so many ways but i cudnt reach
      i even tried sending a mail to u but i guess thts never checked
      i wud like to hear frm u guys
      i have a relative who is close to my heart nd i want him to live a normal life in bangladesh
      i want to help ppl learn and change their conceptions on homosexuals and harmoprodites
      pls contact me in my mail
      i want to do this real bad
      i want to help nd work for u guys, i think u r the bravest ppl in this world!

    • Yellow

      Hi Purple contact me soon

  3. Manabdharma

    My name & e-mail id both r fake…
    how insecure i am?
    am i thief?
    am i doing any crime..being gay?
    wanna fight for this…

    • donmia

      U doing a good job, we have to understand our social enviorment is not so friendly 4 this field, me also looking some 1 , but use my fake id n name, u can contact with me by mail,
      take care buddy.

  4. Dave Croft


    I am writing to intorduce my fiance and myself. I will start by telling you about our relationship. We are looking for advice on how to operate as a couple in Bangladesh as we intend on moving to Bangladesh to set up a home and business in August 2012.

    My fiance is a Bangladeshi citizen and has met me here in the UK. We are formally engaged here and will have a civil partnership in April/May 2012. He is called Missan, 21 years old and is studying business here and we get to see each other once a week.

    I am a white (gora) UK citizen, 32 years old and currently working inthe catering industry as well as working as a freelance security officer.

    We would like to know that there is a properly organised support group that can help us live together as husbands. My mian fear is that the police could find out because someone in the community (for example a bitter business competitor) could find out about and either black mail us or worse have us both sent to prison.

    We look forward to your reply.

    Kindest regards,


  5. Felipe

    Hello my name is Felipe from the christian gay movement in Brazil. I´d like to chat with muslim friends to share experiences. We are gay and we want to live our spirituality. We want to get married and adopt children! God bless you! God is the most merciful, and is for all the human beings ….

  6. imran ahmed

    I am gay. I am very much interested about bangladesh lgbt.I support your honest gay life.I have seen your group in website.Do your best.I really condemn bangladesh government because they oppose against gay.Why they are interfair about personal life.I wish your best.Please if you can write to me.

  7. akash

    im so much frastated in my life. is that a course to being a gay. i dont want to live more. pls anyone help me and suggest me. i love some1 but i cant told him .

  8. Tanin

    i want to work in BOB,,………….I RESPECT AND LOVE GAY……..I M GAY BOY……MY NAME TANIN,,,,,,,,,,,,01737247763 MY CELL NUM…………

  9. alia

    hello,,,,i need a lesbian friend…….please contact with me

  10. Sweet

    Hi, i am a Bengali Gay boy living in London. if Any Gay guy there who live in london and looking for good friend or serious love relationship then please contact with me . Lesbian girls are also welcome to be my friend.

  11. সমকামী ব্যক্তির প্রতি এত ঘৃনা কেন?

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