LGBTI Bangladesh


how long shall we remain in illusive masks to the society

how long shall we remain in illusive masks to the society

This site is to support the LGBTI movement in Bangladesh.Homosexuality is criminalised in Bangladesh by the Section 377 A of BPc (Bangladesh Penal Code) which punishes sodomy (even induced by CONSENTING ADULTS)by imprisonment upto 10 years along with a suitable fine. The Homosexuals in Bangladesh are facing discrimination, predujice, social antipathy and persecution in their daily affairs due to the OBSOLETE legislative acts of the pre-independance BRITISH ERA and the strict Islamic puritanism imposed by the Talibanised radicals in the country.

The Bangladeshi Human Right’s Activists belonging to the community of the sexual minorities, thus express their concerns about the plight and silent  persecution of the Homosexuals in this small but pre-dominantly Islamic nation.In this site we share our hopes,aspirations along with serious discussions on domestic developments and international  policy implementations towards recognition of the alternate lifestyle  in Bangladesh.

If you have faced any discmination, persecution or physical harm due to tour sexual identity and orientation please feel free to report it here:

And always remember that YOU are not alone anymore, we stand by you in your fight towards social acceptance and recognition of your sexuality and gender identitification.



6 responses to “LGBTI Bangladesh

  1. Adam Fairbanks

    I’m thrilled to hear that there is such a movement. I hope you continue your great work. I come from the United States, and I don’t think I appreciate my rights as I should. In my state, homosexuals are protected from violence directed against them, and we have the right to marry. I hope that someday Bangladesh can be the same way. (insh’allah)

    • Chaity

      I am very happy to see this website.
      From my childhood i was very much into with one of my friend.
      We had relationship, but later she decided to leave me as she was thinking that this is not natural. It was a terrible experience for me. I really destroyed to lost her. Now she has a boyfriend, may be she is happy. But Now I am very much proud that I am a good human being and i am also a lesbian. I recover that pain i get that time and now i want equal right that the heterosexual gets.
      I really want nobody should have such experience like me.

  2. I am glad that such a movement has started there in Bangladesh.I am from Pakistan.I guess,Bangladeshi and Pakistani LGBT Community should work together to start movement towards decriminalizing homosexuality,since both are plagued with Islamic purantism,and so Muslims across the border can help eachother re-interpret Islam in regard to homosexuality.Do visit MY blog at
    And contact me at

  3. just found the website, will go through in the next few days…is there a PFLAG in Bangladesh? coz i’m not gay but i definitely am a friend.

  4. Hi, I just found this website. I am a 28 year old transgender individual; (not transvestite-hizra). I am on testosterone hormones for a long while and hope to have my top surgery done from “female to male”. Its a unbearably tough life for me and lonely too. I wish an understanding, lovely and caring woman would stand beside me for encouragement. People do not understand the difference between GENDER and SEXUALITY. I will appreciate if any woman should come forward to share their opinion – men too if they are gay or transgender. I live in Dhaka and it would be a relief to meet an understanding sweet and caring girl. Having a horrible time, friends: cross your fingers for me. All the best to all.

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