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Bangladeshi trans community ignored in the recent cencus

About 300,000 people have been deployed in the impoverished country of South Asia to identify the estimated population of 146 million inhabitants, but many transsexuals and eunuchs say they were ignored because they did not fit into the categories of Administration .

“They only count a few of us,” he told AFP “Pinky”, who runs an association for the rights of transgender people, Badhan Hijra Sangha.

“We rehearsed over and over again that we are neither men nor women. We should be categorized as” other “or” transgender, “he continued” Pinky “.

Transgender in Bangladesh, a predominantly Muslim country, are lobbying for years to be recognized as belonging to one sex “other” as male or female when it comes to filling out paperwork.

A complaint was filed with the National Commission on Human Rights to denounce the fact that only 10 of the 175 people living in a transgender community building in Dhaka have been identified.

Shahjahan Mollah, head of the National Statistics Office which manages the current census, has rejected the accusations while recognizing that the transsexual population could only be recorded as a man or woman.

In India, where the census population of over 1, 1 billion people is underway, a third category was added to the attention of transsexuals. Nepal has done the same.

In South Asia, transgender communities are often among the poorest in societies which are still very conservative.

Source: AFP


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