Nemat Safavi, a 21 year old Iranian homosexual,has been sentenced to death




This post has been forwarded by Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees – IRQR

Nemat Safavi, 21 years old, has been sentenced to death by the juvenile court in Ardebil, a city northwest Iran.

Queers in Iran are put to death and persecution by their government, simply for being who they are. Now more than ever we need your help.

According to the Human Rights Activist Group in Iran, Nemat was detained by Iranian authorities when he was 16 years old because of his homosexual acts (Lavat). He was sentenced to death after being tried in the court of Ardebil. Mr. Safavi spent time since his arrest in a ‘rectification and education’ centre, and is now being kept in the division of youths in an Ardebil prison.

A final determination of Nemat’s fate will be made by Iran’s Supreme Court. However, these sentences frequently stand as decided.

Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees calls on all human rights organizations to take up this urgent cause. We ask that people write, fax, call, or email to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and any LGBT and/or international organizations to support Nemat and vigorously oppose his execution and the laws against homosexuals.

Your donation to IRQR helps us pursue every legal avenue to save the lives of people like Nemat Safavi. The fight is far from over.
Please, donate now:

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4 responses to “Nemat Safavi, a 21 year old Iranian homosexual,has been sentenced to death

  1. roberto

    si a los iranies no les gusta los homosexuales ps que los expulsen a paises donde son aceptados

  2. Salam.. Im aa muslim transgender, i wanna ask bout muslim transman,,
    -how they get dress n appearance when their perform solah/solatul jumuah, ?
    – can they shake their hands with the real man by bare hands?
    – Can they wearing or appear as a man in public?

  3. irene

    in iran, if you no became a girl or a man, no possible dressed became another sex, if like homosexuality. But if you are complete man or woman, you wanna married and adopted for islamic’s law. This law is in 1982 for Ayatollah Khomeini. But because in much courtry the person is not good, is better not say a much person a past first operation.

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