Workshop by Centre for Gender,Sexuality and HIV/AIDS

Submitted by Tanvir Alim ( Moderator BoB)

A follow-up workshop has been organized by the Center for Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS on the 8th of October, 2009.

This whole day event brought together participants from two previous workshops held in March and May: the first on Sexuality, Health and Media and the second on Gender, Sexuality and Rights. The primary objective was for both groups to share the following experiences with us and with one another.

# The extent to which participants have been able to apply insights from the workshop in their professional life and in the community at large.
# The obstacles and challenges participants have faced in doing so.  Possible strategies they have found to overcome these obstacles.
# Participant’s thoughts on missing needs and gaps or issues not addressed in the earlier workshops.
# Possible ways the Center can provide support to those working on issues of sexuality and encourage more interest in the subject.

The workshop allowed them to track progress and challenges and plan future activities accordingly.  Based in part on participant’s feedback, Center for Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS are already planning workshops with senior editors of newspapers and senior personnel of relevant private sector organizations.

The welcome remarks of the workshop were from Dr. Farah Mahjabeen Ahmed, Coordinator continuing education program, school of public health. Special address was Dr. Golam Samdani Fakir, pro vice chancellor; BRAC University The agenda of the follow up workshop includes the following

  • Analysis of findings and pinning down main obstacles, common points and divergence
  • Group work on ‘Way forward and role of the centre’
  • Documentary screening on the murder case of Shima: Dushshomoy [a mothers Lament] and discussion

Those of participants who have been actively involved in working on issues of sexuality and rights will be considered for center’s future workshops and conferences as well.

In the group work session on ‘way forward and role of the centre’ several remarkable points came down some of which are stated below:

  • Campaign with movies, group work, debate and interactive workshop for adolescence children at couple of selected schools of a particular area
  • Use of ICT tools such as live web streaming, mobile SMS to create awareness.
  • Media and talk show producers can initiate the issue for their program
  • A slogan can be introduced to create awareness among the mass people of the society
  • Sensitizing social leaders and opinion leaders like Imam, teachers and others in urban and rural areas
  • Area based representative from BRAC to explain and sensitize local government and development organizations as well as media
  • South Asian idea sharing as we have almost similar social context

Please note that one follow up activity to the Sexuality and Media workshop had a competition for publishing articles on sexuality. Those who competed successfully received a cash award and certificate at the follow up workshop.


Comments by Ashok DEB:

Centre for Gender,Sexuality and HIV/AIDS is an UNAIDS collaboration project.Through a formal agreement between UNAIDS and the BRAC University School of Public Health (BSPH), the Centre is designated for research, policy, advocacy and training activities utilizing the state-of-the-art methods and technologies of teaching/learning and providing unique opportunities in hands – on field experience in dealing with gender, sexuality, and HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh and other developing countries.

Some of its Major Objectives include:

i. Creation and generation of knowledge: Multi disciplinary research to highlight the nature implications and the socio – political dynamics of gender, sexuality/sexual rights and HIV/AIDS as well as innovative policies/ interventions in addressing these issues.

ii. Promoting a creative discourse on gender, sexuality and HIV/AIDS: Providing a space for experts, academics, researchers, practitioners and policy makers to come together to generate new ideas through open discourse on gender, sexuality/sexual rights and HIV/AIDS in resource poor settings.

iii. Dissemination of information, experience and knowledge on gender, sexuality and HIV/AIDS:

Organizing seminars, workshops and conferences to widely disseminate knowledge and information among all stakeholders – nationally, regionally and globally.

iv. Building Network and Partnership: Actively collaborate and work with other centres, agencies and organization across countries and cultures to promote the Centre’s vision and mission through building networks and partnerships.

v. Advocacy for Change: Interacting with policymakers and other stakeholders to promote change in policy, programme and interventions aimed at further enriching the lives of the poor and the marginalized populations suffering from gender discrimination, sexual/sexual rights violations and threatened and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.

vi. Capacity Building : Organize short courses and training programmes aimed at building/further enhancing the capacity of communities, planners, programmers, researchers, policymakers as well as advocacy groups in addressing effectively multifarious issues underlying gender, sexuality /sexual rights and HIV/AIDS .


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