Looking into invisibles: Photography exhibition on male homosexuality

Submitted by Tanvir Alim

Gazi Nafis Ahmed was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1982. After his high school in 2003 he joined a course of Art & Design in London Guildhall University and pursued his interest in Photography. Nafis completed the last semester of his graduation from Danish School of Journalism in 2008.. He often works on social issues like oppressed & suppressed communities.

Projects he has completed dealt with Drug Addictions, Karaoke Nights in Seam reap, Climate Refugees, Immigrants in Denmark, Racism.

Currently he is working on his project ‘Looking into invisible’ which deals with the state of male homosexual in Bangladesh. He is going to launch his show in December 2009 at the International Human Rights Day with a partnership with Bandhu Social Walefare Society. Some of his sample works of this series can be seen in the following link:http://www.gazinafis.com/stories.php

Couple of years back photographer Sazzad Hossain addressed the issue of male homosexuality in photography as a part of his course work titled ‘Other side of the wall’ for the first time in Bangladesh. This exhibition is going to be the second photography exhibition on male homosexuality in Bangladesh which is open for all


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