Robert Badinter at the World Congress

 by Ashok DEB

Robert Badinter, the French senator,delivered a historic speech against the criminalisation of Homosexuality and same sex behavioural patterns.He vividly represented the persecution, discrimination,intolerance and antipathy towards the sexual minorities by the self proclaimed MORALLY PURITAN nations.His speech was greeted with massive  standing applauds.



Robert Badinter (born 30 March 1928) is a high-profile French criminal lawyer , university professor and politician mainly known for his struggle against the death penalty. A member of the Socialist Party , he served as Minister of Justice and then President of Constitutional Council under François Mitterrand.He is currently a Senator for the Hauts-de-Seine département .

He continues his struggle against the death penalty in China and the United States of America, petitioning officials and militating in the World Congress against Death Penalty.

Source: wikipedia


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