ARDHIS appeals Rama Yade for granting asylum to the persecuted sexual minorities


Idaho – World Day against the homophobia: ARDHIS appeals to Rama Yade on the right to asylum for the persecuted LGTBI individuals

 On December 18th, 2008, Rama Yade, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights,sent  a strong message to the United Nations by wondering: ” In the dawn of 21st century,how can we accept that persons are still chased, imprisoned, tortured and executed because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.She promoted the universal decriminalization of  homosexuality  which was one of the main missions of her mandate”.

THE ARDHIS  welcomes this commitment but would like to appeal to Rama Yade for  the granting of refugee’s status to those individuals who have undergone the persecutions in their home-country because of their sexual orientation or  gender identity.

ARDHIS is happy that over the last one year, refugee status has been granted to applicants from Bangladesh, Uganda,Tanzania,  Senegal,  Mauritania, Russia, fCameroon and Kenya.But the organisation  points out that the asylum pleas of the LGBTI individuals is virtually never approved by the OFPRA during their  initial demand but mainly after  subsequent appeals in front of the CNDA.

THE ARDHIS has deep concerns and regrets that a substantial number of agents is not trained or informed about the specificity of applications for LGBT asylum.Thus many of the LGBT Asylum please are harshly turned down and the refuge seeking sexual minorities are treated with firm prejudices.

Graver still the ARDHIS is anxious to indicate that certain sections of the jury of  CNDA have an openly homophobic attitude.Homophobic comments were held in particular by a President of the Court against an Afghan last February.

At the same time, the ARDHIS condemns the difficulties of accessing the temporary authorization of stay and the social securities particularly the accommodation. Without papers, money and  accommodation, the everyday life of a persecuted Homosexual is transformed into a ceaseless fight in a country where they came to look for protection!

Finally, along with the numerous associations in defence of human rights, the ARDHIS condemns the list of countries described as ” of  safe origin “ which violates the agreement of the Agreement of Geneva in nondiscrimination of the asylum seekers according to their country of origin.

Thomas,President of Ardhis,at the right side

Ardhis also condemns the list of these following countries where the homosexuality is always considered as illegal: Bosnie-Herzegovine, Cape Verde, Ghana, Mauritiana, India,Mali,Senegal,Mongolia and Tanzania.As a result, the ARDHIS asks insistently for the withdrawal of these countries from the list of nations designated as  ” of safe origin“The organisation also demands the implementation of a training program for the agents of the OFPRA, which is indispensable for raising an awareness  about the specificity of the asylum seekers because of persecution connected to the sexual orientation or gender identity

Paris,May 2009


This information was forwarded to me from the message board of Ardhis ( French NGO  working for the asylum rights of persecuted LGBTI individuals). The orginal text was in French, I have done some necessary editing and rephrasing of the English machine translation.This article is particularly of relevance to the LGBTI movement in Bangladesh as quite a few asylum cases of persecuted Bangladeshi Homosexuals have been granted by the French Government.I have tried to contact those indivuals for documenting human rights violation against them.But ALL of them decided to remain closetted for the fear of being ridiculed and discriminated  by the Immigrant Bangladeshi community in France. –  Ashok DEB


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