IDAHO-T celebrated in Bangladesh


By Tanvir Alim


International day against Homophobia and Trans phobia, IDAHO-T was celebrated for the second time in Bangladesh this year at the open space of Café la Veranda, Alliance Francaise, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. People from, Shacheton Shilpi Somaj, Sex Workers Network of Bangladesh, Sakhiyani, Boys of Bangladesh, Queer Bangla, BRAC, The Daily Star and other organizations as well as individuals were present in the celebration. This year the participants were not only the homosexuals but also the Hijras and a significant number of homo friendly people such as journalists, researchers, photographers, painters etc. All the participants posted there message against homophobia at the end of the celebration.


IMG_02 29






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3 responses to “IDAHO-T celebrated in Bangladesh

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  3. Abs

    Wow IDAHO-T is a brilliant idea. Had I known about the event in advance I would have tried to be there. Wonder why the appropriate and supporting authorities are not taking any initiative in holding a GAY pride in Bangladesh? Surely it’s about time to catch up with Calcutta and Delhi in this context!!

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