Workshop on “Gender, Sexuality and Rights” by BRAC Centre.

By Tanvir Alim


The Center for Gender, Sexuality and HIV/AIDS of BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health, had arranged a workshop on “Gender, Sexuality and Rights” from May 9–12, 2009 at BRAC Centre.


Sexual, reproductive health, rights and sexuality issues are often under-represented, and commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted in the society. The objective of this workshop was to build capacities and an increased understanding of participants on issues of gender, sexuality and rights by undertaking a systematic analysis of attitudes, practices, theories and beliefs around these concepts, and to enable the integration of this learning into our daily lives.


The interactive workshop was conducted by the famous activist and trainer Pramada Menon who is the founding member of CREA []. In the final day of the workshop, there were presentations from Dr. Dina Siddiqi, Mahrukh Mohiudddin, Hasan Ashraf and Adnan Hossain. Besides there were organization profile presentation of Bondhu Social Welfare Society, Boys of Bangladesh, Shocheton Shilpi Somaj, and Badhon Hujra Songho. A number of films and documentaries were showed in the workshop which are Ek Mutho Chobi, Kotha, Dus Kahaniya, A jihad for love etc. The workshop was consisted with participants from BRAC, Sex Workers Network of Bangladesh, Social Marketing Company, Bondhu Social Welfare Society, Interspeed, Prottoy, Incident Bangladesh, Karmajibi Nari, Daily Star, Naripakhha, Scholastica, Boys of Bangladesh, Shocheton Shilpi Somaj, Badhon Hujra Songho and others. Besides there were professors and researchers of sociology, psychology and anthropology from Dhaka University, Rajshahi University, Jahangir Nagar University, Khulna University, Independent University and others. A significant number of observers from various organizations were also present in the workshop.




Tanvir Alim is a premier Gay Rights Activist and is associated with BoB Bangladesh.He is presently involved in gay community building and editing a quarterly publication of BoB



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