Rama Yade announces a special FUND to support LGBTI movements worldwide




By Ashok DEB

On the morning of 15th May, during her keynote speech of the World Congress on Human Rights,Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity,which was held all day long in the French National Assembly , Rama Yade,the Secretary of State for human rights, announced the creation of a ” collection fund”  for the assistance of NGO’s fighting for the LGBTI movement worldwide.This fund will allow to combine both public financial contributions (taxes), along with private donations, dedicated specifically to the sole objective of  supporting the  NGOs (NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) working on the welfare issues of same-sex rights.

Rama Yade declared”  You,the defenders of human rights in civil society,play a leading role and are often very badly exposed to atrocities in this respect.You have made a long journey to be among us .

Sometimes you come from country where your fight is not recognized or where the authorities wish to reduce your voice to  silence.

It is nevertheless thanks to your fight in everyday life, often in very difficult, even dangerous conditions for you and  your close relations,that the real changes can happen. For that reason, I am particularly anxious to honour you.

I hope that this Congress, as the declaration of last December 18th when we resolved to succeed together,is a reason for you to hope.

Today we bring to you our renewed support and the commitment to conquer the  new spaces of freedom and justice.”

The video of this speech is on the site of the French Foreign Ministry.

 Robert Badinteras ended his speech by reminding the necessity of accompanying the fight against homophobia and transphobia by open reception of those sexual minorities asking for the asylum.

Some glimpses of the World Congress on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity can be visualised on this video brought to you by Yagg.com an online News Portal on LGBTI issues.The video is in French but relevant English subtitles have been provided for the viewer’s assistance.



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