Europe: Not a safe haven for Trans Individuals

 Compiled by Ashok DEB

These facts are based on the speech by Justus Eisfeld delivered at the World Conferrence of Human Rights,Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity,held in Paris on 15th May ’09 and a study written by him for Fundamental Rights Agency of EU on the issue of Transphobia.

Transphobhia in Europe Union does not seem to be any better compared to any other civilised nations.The European Transphobia can be broadly categorised in three distinct parameters.

1.Transphobia can be an act of violence and aggression on Trans individuals only because of their gender identity.

 2.Transphobia can take form of act of exclusion, where the oppurtuanities towards a better life is curtailed down

3.Transphobia can also take up a subtle but non-extinct form as acts of PASSIVE exclusion,where officially the trans rights are upheld but in reality the Trans individuals are discriminated upon.


 UK: 73% of the Trans individuals have experienced hate comments,sexual or physical abuses.These indivuals continue to live under a fear psychosis of getting manhandled again in future.

Among those who called upon the assistance of police , a substatial 20% of them were not treated properly,while a whopping one third of the Trans population expressed fear of non-affirmative actions by law enforcers in similar circumstances.

Sweeden: 59% of the Trans Individuals fear harassment and violence on daily basis.

Trans individuals have been murdered in Portugal,Netherlands,France Italy as an act of hate crime.Scores of such atrocities and murders have gone UNREPORTED,as the European nations fails to keep statistical documentations on such events.

A joint Sweedish and British study has indicated that social rejection and anti-pathy has driven one third of European Trans individuals towards attempting SUICIDE.


UK:  45% of the Trans people have reported Breakdown in their family relationship after COMING OUT and revealing their gender identity.

Scotland:46% of the Trans people have reported abusive domestic relationship by their families or partners.


80% of the people in Transgender Europe Study reported to have to paid for their own medical treatment which includes the surgeries and hormonal treatment required to live as a gender of their choice.

UK: 29% of the Trans people have reported to be frowned upon in Hospitals when they arriveded for treatment for medical issues those were not related to their gender identity.

Sweeden: 12% of the Trans people are reported to be in poor health, twice the percentage of the average poplulation.

Hungary: Trans indivuals are forced to bribe the officials for the surgeries and Hormonal treatment they require and studies on Transphobia in Hungary indicates that safe treament for Trans people is highly unlikely in this state.

 UK: Trans indivuals stumbled upon doctors who either refused to assist them or were unaware about such possibilities.Only a meagre 20% of the physicians could assist them with medication or necessary informations.

Intersex people are being regularly subjected to cosmetic surgeries after their birth without their CONSENT and without any proper knowledge of negative impact of these treatment in their later life.


European Union: 11 members of the EU have not tabled the anti-discrimination laws in the EU legislations.

Spain: 50% of the Trans indivuals are UNEMPLOYED while 17% of them are involved in illegal and dangerous activities in order to survive.

Bulgaria: Excludes Trans indivuals from the military.

UK: 30% of the indivuals of Trans community in school were bullied not only by the students but also by the academic peers.

Even the countries like France, Norway and Netherlands who are aggressively campaigning for the recognition of the same-sex relationships and safety of the Homosexuals worldwide, requires extensive surgeries and psycho-therapie to those who wish to change their gender on the official documents and passports.

90% of the European countries force Transpeople to undergo some forms of surgeries,hormonal treatments and body modification before they could be formally allowed a change of gender.

The above datas and statistics highly suggests that its time for the European nations to take a closer re-look about the plight of trans community and adopt a more viable approach of assimilating them in the mainstream progressive society.





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  1. These findings and more can be found on this website, including all the references:
    All results were published in the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union study ‘Homophobia and Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the EU Member States: Part II – The Social Situation’, especially the chapter on transgender issues.

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