Nepali TG Beauty Queens on Front Page of the Prestigious Magazine VOW Nepal


Nepali TG beauty queens appears on front page of the most prestigious magazine called VOW Nepal.
Sent by Sunil Pant 

We are no different!
Transgender individuals share their stories

According to various studies, approximately eight to 10 percent of the population of the world belong to LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexual) group, of which one percent is said to be transgender. Born as one gender but having attributes of the other may seem confusing for many, but transgenders claim that they are as normal as any other being. However, that is hardly how the rest of the world views them. They are ostracised and made fun of for being different; by society at large. Despite the Supreme Court�s 2007 ruling which legally recognises them, they continue to live in the shadows of doubt and non-acceptance.

Transgenders believe that acceptance from their own families and close ones is the key to being accepted in society, but for many, that is still an uphill battle. They are slowly beginning to come out of the closet and working to demystify many misconceptions attached to them. This month, in our effort to get to know them better, and to lend a voice to their issues, we invited a few inspiring individuals to share their stories, struggles and their realities. This is what they had to say…


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One response to “Nepali TG Beauty Queens on Front Page of the Prestigious Magazine VOW Nepal

  1. please contact I am is lesbiana y travestis en mexico distrito federal

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