The end of road for Diana Hizra

By Ashok DEB
As a sexual minority if you have encountered any Human Rights Violation or know about any individual who has undergone traumas, persecution and social apporobation because of their sexual identity feel free to report it at 
This report has been published courtesy Tanvir Alim (BoB)

Recently Bangladesh is riding on fresh waves of Transphobia as the torture on the Transgendered Community (HIZRAS) has been on the rise.The most common form of atrocities is RAPE and EXTORTION mastered by the cadres of the political parties or the police.Social apathy rejection and marginalisation has pushed many of the trans individuals into the shadowy world of prostition and crime. A Transgendered Individual named Diana,was brutally raped, murdered  and her battered body was  dumped in a Lake of Rampura Project on 1st February 2009.She was abducted by some suspected anti_social misceants from her residence by 31st January.The police confirms that the investigations are underway but no significant breakthroughs have been achieved yet.It is highly unlikely that the killers of Diana who probably belongs to the gangs of  goons and musclemen of the elite political parties will be ever brought to justice as the Transgenders have very little social recognition or acceptance  in Bangladeshi society .Till recently the Sexual Minorities of Bangladesh lacked a common platform to register and keep track of the Human Rights Violation of the Homosexuals.Hence countless numbers of brutal tortures and inhuman atrocities over the Hizra community has gone largely unreported.The International community continues to remain in dark about the persecution of the Sexual Minorities in Bangladesh and subsequently they fail to address the Bangladeshi Government for ensuring safety and providing more social and legal  recognition for the Homosexuals.





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