Pink MirrorMen bring out the best in queens… and sometimes the worst.
When two bitchy drag queens and a sly gay teenager lust after a handsome hunk… can seduction, jealousy and cunning be far behind? A hilarious comedy replete with bitchiness and camp humour set a la Bollywood. Apart from being a drag romp, the film is an exposition of the Indian gay / transgender landscape, the humanly tender bonds between drag queens in India who form unique, non-patriarchal families and the lurking impact of HIV/AIDS.

The film draws interesting comparisons between indigenous Indian Drag Queens who are a vanishing clan and the contemporary young gays of Bombay city’s queer culture with borrowed western gay identity. Awards This underground indie film has been dubbed a cult film for being the first ever Indian film to reach so far and wide, offering a peep into the darkly closeted Indian homosexual world with empathy and sensitivity.  Official Website: gay indian hunk BANNED in India because of its homosexual content, the film has received tremendous recognition and appreciation at 62 international film festivals around the world and has been feted with several awards including Jury Award for Best Feature at Fire Island Film Festival, New York and Best Film of the Festival award (Le Prix Comtesse des Flandres) at Le Festival Question de Genre de Lille, France.     Renowned Universities have added the film to their archives / library an using it as resource material in their academic courses like Gender, Nation and the World; Activist Voices in India; Gender and Film course.   Film DVDs available at
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