Great strides by Boys Of Bangladesh

a gay prade in kolkata,india

a gay prade in kolkata,india


by Ashok Deb


I remember this Online yahoo goup which was acting as a platform for meeting points of gays in Dhaka.Recently the group has become more active outside the virtual world and is trying to bring unity and cohesion among the different LGBT , Transexual and Human Rights Groups in the country.During my tenure in Dhaka I heard that the group was submitting drafts to various Human Rights Organisations and the mdia to recognise the Homosexuals as sexual minorities. Presently the newly appointed owner of the group Himadri seem to be more optimistic about the recognition of same sex unions and repealing of aticle 377 A.

Personally i believe that the social approbation and antipathy is still strong against the gays due to lack of proper knowledge and studies on the subject.I will provide an article published in Mukto Mona online site about the psycho-physiological reasons for Homosexuality.IT IS A FACT THAT AN INDIVIDUAL HAS NO CONTROL OVER HIS SEXUALITY.This has been proved by the modern scientific studies.But unfortunately our nation is traversing on the path of Talibanisation by the fundamentalist groups who are nourished by the fundings from the Wahabists of Saudi and Kuwait. The semi-literate masses of Bangladesh are either totally deluded by the failure of transperency and integrity by our elected Governments or they simply succumb to the Radicalist ideals of an theocratic statehood as the Islamists dominats thm by sheer force.Bangladesh infact has become a haven for Islamic militancy and fundamentalism which has spread deep tentacls even within the security forces and the Army.I blame Azam Meers tenure as the intelligence chief of DGFI,when the Jehadist supporters were aided to make inroads into the states sensitive administrative and defence poitions.The recent BDR revolt is the clear indication as well as a lesson for the Government for the tough times ahead.

I want to wish Himadri all the best for his leadership tenure in Boys Only Bangladesh.He has been busy lately for conducting first ever workshop on sexual diversity .I appreciate and salute the vigour and enthusiam of this Gay Rights activist. After bing appointed the owner of Boys Only Bangladesh Group this was his message to the  members

Dear friends,
Though the online activities of BOB seem to have taken a back seat, especially the message board, BOB has never been this busy offline as it is now in 2009. To begin the year with, we had the first ever workshop on sexual diversity and coalition building among all LGBT groups in Bangladesh. The workshop itself then fueled a lot of activism and work for days to come. As we try our best to juggle our personal works and BOB activities, we sometimes wonder if we are going too fast leaving you all behind. So here’s an update on the works we have been doing and some events to look forward to. 
# Publication: As you all know BOB is going to publish its own magazine on a regular basis from now on. We have already formed a team to work on it and a call for write ups has been placed. We have also started to get very good response from you all. We plan to collect, edit and finalize the write ups by this month and launch the magazine on May 27, when we will also be celebrating International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) in style. 
# Training: A training for interested people on gender and sexuality has started from today (March 28). Through this training we envision to bring out some promising activists from you, educate ourselves on this diverse and complex issue of gender and sexuality, learn and share from each other, and at the same time strengthen our bond of friendship and solidarity. This is a 3 months long course with fortnightly sessions on the weekend. And most importantly its FREE! Our first day session went awesome today! 🙂 
# Advocacy: Some of you might know, in the universal periodic review of human rights by UN, Bangladesh was given some recommendations with specific focus of sexual diversity and repealing 377, which criminalizes any unnatural sex act. Our Govt is due to officially response to these recommendations in June. So right now, we are lobbying to penetrate the Govt and ultimately make it to address these recommendations. We are in touch with some reputed human rights organizations and lawyers to get the job done.
# Forming an organization: We are seriously thinking of having our own physical entity, form an organization and take the effort to the next level. As we all feel, a registered organization is a must to work effectively for our causes. We have been having some meetings lately as to how this organization should be formed and its missions and vision should be. BOB might have it’s own office anytime soon! 
# Entertainments: We have filled out the 2009 calendar with some great entertaining events for you. Exact dates of the events will be notified in due time. 
                                    April: 1) An exclusive screening of ‘A Jihad for Love’ (the movie is not released on DVD yet, but BOB has a copy coming directly from the Director:) ) 
                                   May: 1) A Day out in Water Kingdom
                                           2) Celebrating IDAHO and launching of BOB Publication
                                   June: 1) Musical Evening with our own stars
                                            2) Celebrating Stonewall Riots Day
                                    July: 1) Film Screening
                                            2) Lifestyle Show
                                    August: 1) 2nd Issue of BOB Publication
                                    September: 1) Fashion Show followed by DJ Party
                                    December: 1) 31st Night Celebration on a Cruise Ship
Well guys, that’s pretty much the updates for now. Look out for the upcoming events and send your suggestion, support and warmth our way. 
We look forward to a great 2009. 


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7 responses to “Great strides by Boys Of Bangladesh

  1. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  2. Himadri

    Thank you Ashoka for your nice appreciative words. It makes our humble efforts much worthwhile.

    All the best for this great blog and your works.

    In solidarity.

  3. Everything dynamic and very positively! 🙂

  4. Shamim

    Congrats! But,what is the use of making so much effort?I hav been looking for a good gay boy for 5 years in vain.In a land of 15 million,just 2 or 3 gays exist.

  5. Shamim

    Congrats!But why are u taking so much pain?I hav been seeking a good gay boy for 5 years in vain.In a land of 15 million,just 2 or 3 gays live.I hav given up all hope of finding any gay boy.Best wishes to you


      hey Shamim..I am sorry to hear your loneliness. You will find someone someday. Listen, Himadri is doing it for his own gains and others!! When low lifes cant make a living …..they play this kind of card game!!

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